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Riverview is a place in Hillsborough County, Florida and  is located near Brandon. Riverview is home to Bell Creek Nature Preserve. Riverview was founded in 1885 on the Alafia River's north shore. The river formerly known as Peru (pronounced Pe-Roo) because Peru was an Indian name for straight part of the river. Peru existed for nearly 100 years, it was one of the oldest settlements in central Florida. It wasn't until the 1940s that Riverview absorbed Peru, and now claims the south side of the Alafia river. The term Alafia is translated as "River of Fire" due to the phosphorus on the early riverbottom glowing at night. Read more about Riverview, Florida...

In Florida, a USDA Home Mortgage provides a loan that suits a variety of options. A USDA loan is likely the best home loan option for future home buyer who are considering purchasing a new home that offers a $0 down payment. If you are concerned about your credit rating, or have concerns about financing USDA Loans can give you piece of mind with zero-down, a 100% financing, and low monthly mortgage payments.

Can I buy a New Construction Home with a USDA loan?

Yes. In fact, a new home should meet USDA minimum standards even more easily than will an existing home. Many housing developments are going up in USDA-eligible areas, making this loan aUSDA Loans 100 Percent Financing
great choice for new homes. Borrowers interested in building a new home in a rural area can still do so with a USDA Home Loan, although you should realize the standards the dwelling must meet
before the building process begins.

What is a USDA Rural Housing Loan?

USDA Loans are for non-farm homeowners in rural areas and are also for rural housing development. The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Housing Service guarantees loans
up to 100% financing for qualified customers living in rural areas around the country.

USDA Rural Housing Direct Loans - Commonly Known as Section 502 Direct Loans.

Rural Housing Direct Loans are primarily used to help very low or low income buyers that buy their homes in rural areas. These funds can be used to build, repair, renovate or relocate a home, or to purchase and prepare sites, including providing water and sewage facilities. These are loans that are directly funded by the Government. These loans are available for low- and very low-income households
to obtain homeownership. Applicants that apply for USDA Rural Housing Direct Loans may obtain 100% financing. Potential buyers can apply for newly constructed dwellings located in rural areas or either purchase an existing dwelling, you are also allowed to  purchase a site and construct a dwelling. Payments are based on the household’s adjusted income.

We specialize in USDA loan options that are specific to your needs. Our loan agents are experts and have the knowledge in all aspects in the USDA Home Loan business and this allows us to approve and close loans quickly and easily.

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